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Published on Jun 23, 2012
HEY EVERYPONY!!! OH MY GOSH! So I saw Twilight made one of these Licious thingies, and then Fluttershy made one too, and I knew I just HAD TO DO ONE OF THESE MYSELF!!! So I sang into a little black box and I put the box in the mail and now EVERYPONY CAN SEE ME!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! Like this one time I was mixing relish into a new cake recipe, when out of nowhere this CRAZY song pops into my head! "LAAAA la la la LAAA LA la LAAAA la la LAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I guess you can hear it better when you can hear it. ANYWAY, it gave me this awesomazing idea to do something special for the Cakes! So I put pink frosting all over the floor and then got out my ice skates and now the floor says "I LOVE Y"! It was going to say "I LOVE YOU" but the room isn't big enough to fit the whole thing. I guess I could have put "U" instead of "Y", but then it would be grammatomically incorrect, and you know how Twilight feels about that! Like this one time I made a card for her that said "U R GR8!" and she spent an hour trying to figure out what it said! I would have told her of course, but she kept telling me to SHUUUSH because she was trying to decipher a cryptic message, whatever that means, it's probably some kind of candy. HEY!! Speaking of candy, have you ever tried pickles dipped in chocolate?!?! I know it sounds yuckerific, but It's almost better than cupcakes dipped in hot sauce! It's a small almost though; if the almost where a bug, it would probably be a flee or something. I don't like flees, if I could talk to flees I would tell them to stop being so yucky and peskery, but I would tell them in a nice way so that I didn't hurt the flees feelings. It's mean to be mean. That's why I'm nice all the time! Mean ponies must think it's nice to be mean, I feel bad for them, they must be super confused! Speaking of confusing, why do we see two of everything when we cross our eyes? I know things don't split into double, but if they don't split into double then why can I see double things so well? And why do we call Grapefruit Grapefruit? Grapes are itty bitty and Grapefruits are Grapefruit size! Well, I'd better go, The Cakes are almost home and I wanna see the looks on their faces when they see the special message on the floor! I'm sure they'll like it better then the mayonnaise ice-cream! Oh by the way, when am I ever gonna get to meet one of you guys?!… Oh pickles, here they come… BYE BYE BRONIES!! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I'LL SEE YOU LATER OK?!
safe1726324 artist:blackgryph0n315 artist:breefaithva10 pinkie pie218124 earth pony256284 pony986589 animated99596 blinking3799 breathing334 brittany lauda36 camera abuse9 close-up6168 confetti1968 cross-eyed794 extreme close up230 female1380693 food71447 fourth wall destruction123 giggling866 inkwell462 looking at you171986 looking up16820 one eye closed31561 pea28 pinkielicious3 quill2721 raised hoof47460 screaming3471 show accurate16072 smiling254132 solo1077615 sound9119 streamers465 sugarcube corner2412 talking5872 twilightlicious118 webm13739 wink25180 youtube link5063


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