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SB: $45
MIN: $5
safe1727463 artist:minty joy80 twilight sparkle303158 alicorn228573 pony987714 :t3814 absurd resolution66528 animated99672 blinking3805 book33940 bookhorse569 cheek fluff5721 chest fluff40070 cute202944 ear fluff30357 female1381772 fluffy14430 folded wings6222 gif31599 glowing horn20070 heart eyes17090 horn70846 horses doing horse things1248 leg fluff3112 lidded eyes31244 lying down18325 magic74293 magic aura4422 mare491205 perfect loop1418 pink background3089 prone25933 reading6347 shaking1457 simple background401271 solo1078346 tail29055 tail flick90 telekinesis28214 twiabetes12123 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124931 wing fluff1656 wing twitch27 wingding eyes22876 wings111466


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