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safe1752021 artist:minty joy81 twilight sparkle306343 alicorn233110 pony1011870 :t3870 absurd resolution67022 animated100916 blinking3943 book34576 bookhorse578 cheek fluff5947 chest fluff41291 cute205867 ear fluff31267 female1403193 fluffy14713 folded wings6595 gif32167 glowing horn20565 heart eyes17530 horn77874 horses doing horse things1266 leg fluff3201 lidded eyes31838 lying down19745 magic75465 magic aura4662 mare502859 perfect loop1477 pink background3211 prone26383 reading6434 shaking1483 simple background409663 solo1095353 tail31057 tail flick93 telekinesis28775 twiabetes12277 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126248 wing fluff1695 wing twitch27 wingding eyes23489 wings123415


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