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Cute Hurricane Flutters. Still one of the best characters yo. =w=b
safe1707607 artist:symbianl371 fluttershy212790 pegasus292265 pony968753 hurricane fluttershy998 blushing197848 cute199983 daaaaaaaaaaaw3898 ear fluff29609 female1364217 grin38589 headband3464 high res29596 hoof fluff1779 looking at you168841 mare481227 scene interpretation8612 shyabetes13832 smiling248823 solo1065043 spread wings54762 sweatband556 symbianl is trying to murder us39 weapons-grade cute3695 wing fluff1627 wings107613 wristband3627


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Background Pony #DA13
Fluttershy looks super adorable, and yet somehow, you could imagine her surprsing everyone by being so fast that her mane and tail turns gold, revealing her to be a Pegasus Queen…