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suggestive145584 artist:deafjaeger35 rainbow dash236300 twilight sparkle303253 alicorn228698 pegasus300455 pony988405 annoyed5536 blushing201168 butt62369 confused4818 cross-popping veins1689 cute203032 dock50939 featureless crotch6989 female1382439 high res31196 hooves18061 lesbian98149 lesbian dash86 lesbian twilight27 mare491586 plot80544 raised hoof47530 shipping203010 standing12538 tail aside1441 twibutt5654 twidash5327 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124962 walking4854 wings111589


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Dawn Bright

I like how Dashie doesn't budge and dutifully stand still and lets herself be inspected. Twilight is lucky to have such a good girl. ^^

And the expression is perfect, I love it. <3