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More hypno jesters! Seems like Rainbow Dash… I mean WonderDolt needs a refresher course in how to be a jester. Luckily Pinkie Pie and Sugarcube are here for her, whether she asked or not hehe

Wonderful piece here done by Thank you so much!

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safe1708154 artist:nelljoestar81 applejack170053 pinkie pie216368 rainbow dash234124 equestria girls200713 breasts278063 busty applejack10482 busty pinkie pie10852 drool24811 eyebrows5047 eyebrows visible through hair2131 female1364713 forced smile306 grin38609 hand on chin102 hypno dash43 hypno jack11 hypnosis3482 hypnotized1573 jester320 jester pie133 smiling248958 spiral background4 swirly eyes2482 trio9203 trio female1793


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@Background Pony #7C96
That's how it is in real life but I still think it's a stupid distinction to make in art. Hypnosis in cartoons works differently and is still very much designated as hypnosis when it involves swirls or pocket watches. By the same logic you'd have to re-tag screencaps and pictures of anime characters or even a surprised Pinkie Pie with "flying" or "levitation" because actual people and ponies can't jump that high. Or classify her gyrocopter as "magic" rather than a machine because it shouldn't be able to fly.
At the very least if the original artist labels it as hypnosis, you should be able to find it under hypnosis. If that rule was actually fully enforced you'd have maybe two dozen pictures left under the tag.
Background Pony #7C96
Very nice.
but for future reference, the "hypnosis" tag is only for when the one being hypnotized wants to be hypnotized. When they don't, tag as "mind control".