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By: Noblebrony

Dee Pad was born to their mother Eight Bit, and father Rhythm Step. At age 5 her parents noticed that she had doing strange things like talking to her self, and having intense changes in personality. They took her to a psychiatrist, ware schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder were ruled out, eventually she was diagnosed with a rare, incurable condition known at Neurological Split Consciousness Disorder(NSPD).

Their parents thought it would be best to rase them like siblings in the hopes of any negative effects would be minor. Growing up, Dee and Pad were as close as siblings could be, Dee took the role of the confident protective sister, while Pad was far more quiet and reserved. Of course in school they would got bullied for their condition, but Dee quickly established her self as one not to mess with.

Their are some differences between the two, despite sharing the same body.
For instance, while physically DeePad is a unicorn, only Dee is able to use magic, Pad sees herself as an earth pony.

Pad is extroverted and after some self reflection, discovered her vore fetish as well as finding herself to be a lesbian.

Dee is introverted, preferring more calming hobbies and understands she's straight.

After school, they started work at their parent's retro game shop where they pass the time playing games on breaks, even in their 20's.

Hope you enjoy. -Noblebrony
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