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I’d say run, but that just puts you in a more vulnerable position.


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✨Draw more Fleetfoot✨
@Background Pony
Look at the 30 minute art challenge tag. It’s a tumblr that sets a daily theme and a 30ish minute time limit and people draw and submit to it.

Alicorn Cheerilee hit on a Friday evening, so I guess it kind of got more submissions than usual.
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Background Pony #0193
(cheerilee stares at celesta with an odd stare and says, "so why are you still here?", celestia answer by saying, "thanks to that giant spell I did, I no longer have enough magic to even teleport to your door, so I’m stuck here", cheerlilee says, "But I’ve seen you walk before", "Magic" answers celestia as she sits with and stares back at cheerilee. Now two alicorns, with no real magic, sit together in a room, pondering about what they should do next)
I say neigh
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