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A request for NathanTehBrony
Twilight's been eating just a little too much cake lately.

Please note that I am currently not taking requests.
safe1687922 artist:wanderingeditor74 edit130328 edited screencap63906 screencap219880 sci-twi23923 twilight sparkle298130 equestria girls197756 equestria girls series32445 twilight under the stars230 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13894 animated97659 cake9688 chewing598 chubby12989 chubby cheeks3676 chubby twilight146 cute197096 eating9490 eyes closed91341 fat21841 fat edit198 fat fetish1485 female1345978 fetish39148 food68911 glasses60800 no sound4049 sci-twilard93 solo1051555 twilard sparkle1332 webm12971


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