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I always thought Pinkie and Cheese had Cardi B and Bruno Mars energy, so I finally decided to prove my point by recreating the cover of their Please Me single.

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suggestive140760 artist:sketchybug335 cheese sandwich3920 pinkie pie214463 anthro256197 album cover1431 breasts273116 busty pinkie pie10711 cheesepie1329 chubbie pie588 chubby12996 cleavage34117 clothes452974 fat21853 female1346517 fishnets5244 jacket12296 male366614 parody15572 pudgy pie1518 shipping197819 straight134539


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MILF Hunter
@Background Pony #4441


Yeah, my opinions of characters ate often divorced from my opinions on their designs.

When it comes to who I decide to draw, my opinion on their design has more weight than my opinion on how they are portrayed in the show. I gravitate more to designs I enjoy, and despite my opinion of her, Pinkie has one of the better designs of the show. Plus I have a preference for characters with simple color palettes and long and/or voluminous hair, which is why you'll notice that I don't draw Rainbow Dash a lot despite liking her as a character.

I think Windy Whistles is the only character whose personality AND design I dislike XD.

Apologies for the long read. I just like giving folks a glimpse into my thought process when it comes to these things.
Background Pony #4441
For someone who doesn’t care for Pinkie, you draw a good Pinkie. I bet you’d make Windy Whistles look good, too, if you ever drew her.