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Fluttershy doesn't like for things to go to waste. So when one of the pigs she cared for died of natural causes, she took the time to properly clean and butcher it. "I can always use the meat to feed my more carnivorous animals" she told herself. Besides, she wasn't about to let another opportunity for bacon slip by her…

Made with french modeling wax, roman casting wax, a ton of candle dye, steel wire, string, and aluminum foil
safe1723103 artist:azgchip21 fluttershy214444 pegasus298230 pony983531 bacon334 bipedal35154 bipedal leaning1771 butcher15 butcher knife54 cooking1089 craft4697 cute202348 female1377820 food71245 knife5400 leaning3663 meat1906 mouth hold17710 photo80357 ponies eating meat985 pork9 sculpture3333 solo1075453 table9331 wax102


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