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safe1689094 artist:uotapo936 apple bloom48990 babs seed5729 diamond tiara10157 scootaloo50965 silver spoon6481 sweetie belle48668 crab866 equestria girls197920 :34457 :i1550 barefoot27135 beach14607 behaving like a dog1348 belly button76442 bikini17809 blushing194633 bucket2305 cap4462 clam92 clothes453171 cute197263 cutie mark crusaders18891 digging124 dirt750 ear piercing25622 earring20679 feet39156 female1347002 grill116 hat85414 jewelry61925 jpg67 midriff19163 ocean6268 one eye closed29955 one-piece swimsuit4329 open mouth142250 piercing40251 pinch117 ponytail17571 sand2281 shorts13737 sun hat925 swimsuit27782 tankini160 this already ended in pain22 tongs32 uotapo is trying to murder us175


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Silver Spoon has a similar one, but not the same. So it's only Scootaloo having the same in both. Kind of Apple Bloom too if the skirt is removable (although the straps are different).

It's almost like the artist tried to draw their swimsuits the same, but from memory and didn't want to confirm it would be the same.

With sweetie belle digging for something had those know it was the dismay for silver spoon as those already enjoy diamond tiara getting pinched in the butt by a crab through her wetsuit when a clam already spat in apple bloom's face.