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Panko tries out some nicely oiled leggings.
suggestive159602 artist:pabbley2481 pinkie pie229494 earth pony312681 pony1204665 blushing221655 choker15192 clothes518440 dialogue73603 female1500174 heart eyes20064 high res74245 kinkie pie357 latex14058 latex socks2735 lip bite12862 smiling296754 socks75087 solo1182039 solo female195421 sweat30422 tail wrap7203 thigh highs43208 wingding eyes26707


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Background Pony #A4EE
Pinkie sure looks… different in that latex gear. She should wear it more often.
Having her hair tied back like that is a great touch, considering how her hair is usually completely wild and does its own thing. Especially with how the tie matches her tail wrap.
Background Pony #EE91
This is cute but why is her tail coming out of the middle of her back?
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Background Pony #D235
I’m more concerned about how her tail is coming out of the middle of her spine.
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