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Wanted a pony version of Izzy so yeah, pony Izzy!

Also she loves Oreos so much she traded the clothes off her back for a cart full of them. Good thing ponies don't normally wear clothes!

safe1751229 artist:latexia60 oc712344 oc only465714 oc:isabelle incraft39 oc:izzy64 earth pony266233 pony1011232 beret2009 blush sticker2618 blushing204781 cart1420 clothes476268 cookie3790 cute205775 eyes closed98177 female1402520 food73007 happy32200 hat90421 mare502481 mime190 missing cutie mark4779 ocbetes5667 oreo139 signature26954 simple background409381 socks68597 solo1094827 stockings34243 thigh highs38196 white background102546


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