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I've made a little Zipp and Pipp Comic xD

Part (1/2)

#brony #pegasister #mlp #mlpfim #mlpgen5 #pipppetals #zippstorm #comic https://t.co/y9TVafUJc8
safe1680325 artist:balychenv8 pipp petals754 pegasus281878 pony942528 g52523 cellphone3373 comic107258 dialogue64003 female1339578 floppy ears50872 giggling826 grin37241 hoof hold8142 looking down8512 mare468155 phone5967 simple background384801 smartphone1879 smiling241241 solo1046220 teeth9303 text58296 unshorn fetlocks24627 white background95426 wings101888


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