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just an updated version of this pic because why not meanwhile Im doing something else
sequel of my last pic with the reunion of equestria girls in future. sunset stay in the EQG world, marries flash sentry and had three children (evening ’‘eve’’ glow , aurora ’‘aura’‘dawn and flash guardian aka glim guard) sunset becames principal of canterlot high while flash becames chief of the police department
honestly it’s supposed flash appeared in the original pic, but then I thought I should draw the other couples… and ughh que hueva…
maybe I would do a comic with this family… hehe why not…
credits to: www.deviantart.com/epiccartoon… for the background
in case you liked the older version more:
safe1753743 artist:chuyryu179 flash sentry13179 sunset shimmer64944 oc713328 oc:aura dawn3 oc:evening glow(chuyryu)3 equestria girls207666 belly button81523 father and child1031 father and daughter2690 female1404606 flashimmer2202 future553 male388963 mama sunset46 mother and child2662 mother and daughter6103 offspring40974 older27871 older flash sentry17 older sunset59 parent:flash sentry3150 parent:sunset shimmer1519 parents:flashimmer241 principal sunset3 shipping206012 siblings9563 sisters9379 straight140571


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