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She just can't believe this crazy wonderful horse flew across an ocean to deliver a single letter from her daughter :D
safe1706356 artist:badumsquish1966 derpibooru exclusive28386 derpy hooves50162 oc684595 oc:kalianne's mother6 oc:reada bella6 lamia2081 monster pony3434 original species25143 pegasus291825 pony967517 :34536 bound1737 cheek rub33 cheek squish888 clothes459590 coils1138 cuddling8385 cute199800 delivery120 derpabetes2666 duo61333 envelope323 equestria's best mailmare6 eyes closed93545 female1363060 forest10178 graying hair6 grin38536 happy31231 hat86855 high res29539 house2265 hug28272 mail1126 mailmare1126 mailmare hat201 mailmare uniform73 mare480544 mouth hold17485 ocbetes5233 petting1888 ponytail17888 prehensile tail775 shirt24921 show accurate15510 smiling248459 squishy cheeks2386 tail hold348 window8511


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Even better is after cuddles she's going to whip up a nice hot meal for Derpy and offer her a place to sleep for the night before flying back to Equestria :D

Derpy loves snek hugs the best because they can pick her up and cradle her like she's a cat while they hug her :D

@Background Pony #641E
I like the idea that she didn't get slower, but she's just not accurate enough to fly at those speeds anymore. So once she gets to an altitude where there's nothing to worry about crashing into, she can move like a fighter jet :P

@Background Pony #48A7
Not yet, no :P

@Dirty Bit
@Background Pony #AC34
@Train Track
@Background Pony #641E
You gotta love the mailmare for doing her job so well :D