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Quote from the artist:
"And so it came to be that every year, they switched bunny outfits, forever failing to sync."

Speaking of miscommunication, there has been some confusion in the past concerning bunny tails.

Commission from the always incredible Pshyzomancer. Posted with artist's permission.
suggestive148431 artist:pshyzomancer503 sci-twi25313 sunset shimmer64810 twilight sparkle306215 equestria girls207181 animal costume2225 ass50913 bare shoulders2897 blushing204727 breasts288770 bunny costume727 bunny ears3719 bunny suit2563 bunny tail211 butt65955 clothes476203 commission73091 costume28571 miscommunication11 patreon12935 patreon logo8759 ponytail18852 sci-twibutt339 sleeveless4943 strapless1751 tights670


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Background Pony #A1B4
True, but one can think of there own ideas….I my self think her as a Bunny will be hot….even a sexy one like Twilight's.
Posted Report
Background Pony #3773
I like how no matter which outfit she gets, Twilight's the one who gets embarrassed.