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Quote from the artist:
"And so it came to be that every year, they switched bunny outfits, forever failing to sync."

Speaking of miscommunication, there has been some confusion in the past concerning bunny tails.

Commission from the always incredible Pshyzomancer. Posted with artist's permission.
suggestive145437 artist:pshyzomancer495 sci-twi24639 sunset shimmer63845 twilight sparkle303037 equestria girls203119 animal costume2051 ass49948 bare shoulders2691 blushing200909 breasts283244 bunny costume714 bunny ears3666 bunny suit2511 bunny tail208 butt62140 clothes466991 commission70527 costume28001 miscommunication11 patreon12780 patreon logo8688 ponytail18261 sci-twibutt324 sleeveless4588 strapless1706 tights650


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Background Pony #3773
I like how no matter which outfit she gets, Twilight's the one who gets embarrassed.