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she forgot to charge last night
safe1726539 artist:pinkberry145 pipp petals1315 oc697382 oc:anon11788 human156675 pegasus299808 pony986817 g54277 ...2337 cellphone3693 clothes467001 dialogue66503 ear fluff30326 female1380919 looking at you172030 mare490721 phone6422 smartphone2087 smug6124 speech3160 suit5999 talking5874 text60452 that pony sure does love phones31


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Background Pony #F774
Yeah, it's called "Quit Bugging Me You Crazy Little Horse 3: Return of the Insufferable Filly — Chapter 1 of the Phone Pilfering Pipp Cycle".
Background Pony #06FF
Yes, but I doubt a small pink flying horse would be interested in vintage shmup ports.
Background Pony #F338

I never really got into mobile gaming cause it eats batteries and I don't ride public transit.