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safe2116085 amethyst star2932 cookie crumbles1299 diamond tiara11663 pipp petals18770 princess flurry heart9215 screwball1595 sparkler2927 spoiled rich1438 starlight glimmer58528 sugar belle3687 suri polomare1409 alicorn302375 earth pony422291 pegasus470694 pony1477312 unicorn511831 g565659 baby15719 baby pony9040 female1737864 filly93712 mare701994 purple1142


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Background Pony #3D0A
Pink and purple are what stereotypical girl toys are made of. This is a show for little girls. Am I crazy, or is there a connection?
Background Pony #388C
Maybe it’s like the pony version of having brown skin and black hair.  
Sure, there’s variation, but overall it ends up being a kind of default color scheme.
Background Pony #91D4
If you look for pink ponies who DO NOT have purple manes, there aren’t a lot.
Background Pony #91D4
Because they are meant to be little girl toys? Say “feminism” all you want, but go to the Barbie aisle at the toy store and it’s like looking down an endoscope.