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The Princesses' final option in dealing with problematic characters.

Princess Luna has the unredeemed but mediocre antagonists shrunk down and locked up in a box while the repentant antagonists are equally tiny but are free to roam around her much larger residence. However, still feeling her own regret about the Nightmare Moon matter, Luna all but insisted that she must also be shrunk down so as to avoid any indication that alicorns are above justice. Princess Celestia promptly compromises and decides that Luna should effectively be akin to a warden for the others. Meanwhile the worst antagonists get eaten by Celestia.
safe1709558 artist:hereward72 edit132822 edited screencap65393 screencap222620 vector edit3118 flam2152 flim2239 gilda9636 lightning dust4518 princess celestia95139 princess luna99234 queen chrysalis34841 starlight glimmer48742 sunset shimmer63165 trixie67593 griffon27110 pegasus292964 unicorn324715 alicorns38 castle2033 endoscopic1 flim and flam1 flim flam brothers1247 imprisoned103 looking down8897 macro/micro591 micro9059 one eye closed30863 princess vorestia461 sad24552 shrunk399 shrunken ponies23 tiny1248 vector76989 vore14376 wink24811


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> "vector" tag


There are some extremely bad raster artifacts all over this thing so either you don't know what the vector tag means or you really really don't know how to use vectors.