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Originally posted on: Sun, 24 May 2020 20:54:39 GMT
''Just leave'' Something sad i know but i thought maybe a divorce could happen and yes zadie dose have a walky talky and she is talking to her cousin coraliss looks like there ganna have a great conversation.. #mlp #mlpsad #tragic #divorce #mlprainbowdash #mlpzephyrbreeze #mlpnextgen #mlpau
safe1692467 artist:cocolove2176399 rainbow dash232427 zephyr breeze2352 oc676174 pegasus286473 pony954529 abstract background14367 chest fluff38367 comic108300 crying43148 dialogue64685 divorce50 female1350327 hoof hold8226 male368149 mare474107 multicolored hair5440 offspring38428 open mouth143027 parent:rainbow dash5653 parent:zephyr breeze678 parents:zephdash105 pegasus oc10080 rainbow hair2368 sad24353 shipping198406 stallion106999 straight135005 wings104583 zephdash258


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