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Originally posted on: October 23, 2015, 7:19 PM UTC
Creating something more
Everything about this character is a work in progress. I've not even settled on a specific name yet. I'll fill it out as the character itself develops…

So far the names I've considered are Fogheart or Hazeheart, Heartsmoke and on one sleepless night, my Deerheart.

For his background, I wanted something simple, such as: Raised as any normal child, although taught to old traditions and beliefs, Heart was surprised to see that the rest of the world had moved past these. The realization developed into a fascination with the behaviour and motives of different creatures.

If I link this one to the Darkwoods, then it will be in a way that makes only one of the parents originate from the enchanted forest. The other one would be a regular reindeer.


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