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Background Pony #6BEE
I used to think that Hasb*tch would treat MLP franchise with respect when G4 was a big hit. It turns out I was too naive…
Those sh*t bags didn’t even celebrate the 10th anniversary of their IP last year nevertheless it brought profit and reputation to them, not even a post to be found on their social media pages, while they were fully alert of this fandom masterpiece even after G4 had ended.
I will never forgive for their deeds, even after quitting the MLP fandom……

@Background Pony #0499
You missed the point.
It's not about popularity and success, it's about Hasbro abusing of the copyright system.
I only happy that TFH happened and got the love it deserves, but i can't say that Hasbro shut the project down with a fair excuse, since AGAIN, we're talking about a FREE TO PLAY game based on one of Hasbro's IP.
No one was making money out of it, SAME TOPIC as this one right here, but Hasbro didn't care
Background Pony #0499
Well, Them's Fightin' Herds is way better than Fighting is Magic was ever going to be so that story at least had a happy ending. Don't really see the same sort of success happening for this project though, it was already pretty niche and this is only going to make it even more niche and there's no chance of getting bailed out by someone like Lauren Faust herself the way Mane6 did. Whatever this team ends up producing now will probably be pretty good, but few will ever hear of it and fewer still will ever play it.

Aww man, i was really into the idea of rebuilding your life from scratch and improving it, while making friends and waifus…
I'm so mad, but at the same time, it's not like i can do anything about it but just take it… just like Fighting Is Magic…


Thank You for your effort, girls ♡
AJ Aficionado
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Applejack Aficionado
They should have gone the Pony Waifu Sim route and just given them different default names with the option to change them to whatever else. Setting side the fact that game will never be finished, the guys who made it had a few good ideas.

And the writing on Twilight Sparkle was some of the best I've ever seen in any work.

Can't they do what every other fan game has done before and just change the names? Clearly works for everyone else. Would be silly to kill it when there are easy options to avoid it.
Background Pony #6DE3
@Background Pony #AAD6
Yes, but then they don't have anything to use to make the project. You expect them to work a 40 hour day job and then come home and work a 40 hour hobby job too?
Background Pony #AAD6
I always tell people: don't publicize your fan project until it's done. Otherwise, this happens, and we never get your finished work.
Obviously, if you publish something that's done, you can still get C&D'd, but then the finished version is still out there on the internet.
Background Pony #72B7
@Background Pony #0499
@Background Pony #23EE
They've posted statements indicating they are ideologically opposed to doing so.

Why? Hasbro treats its fans that are outside of their "target demographic" like trash. Why shouldn't they skirt the legal sidelines?

Instead the artist will probably move onto making some furry trash instead. Such a waste of talent.
Background Pony #23EE
@Background Pony #F786
I did about everything at the picnic. The only bad thing was commenting rarity's rear, cuz i wanted to see her reaction. But it still get me to the sexy dream about mayor mare.