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Rainbow: "I can't believe that you convinced me to do this."
Rarity: "But darling, you look gorgeous just like that!"
Rainbow: "Y-you really think so?"

Geek stuff:
Map: black_void.bsp
Rarity and RD from Revamped Community:
Couch and "umbrella" from nexgen group:


suggestive140767 artist:whiteskyline140 rainbow dash231936 rarity180136 pegasus284905 unicorn315677 anthro256202 plantigrade anthro31856 3d74186 absolute cleavage3407 anklet897 areola17363 areola slip1839 ass48352 barefoot27124 belly button76399 big breasts80441 bikini17806 breasts273117 busty rainbow dash8055 busty rarity12558 butt55818 cleavage34117 clothes452988 duo59572 duo female10208 feet39139 female1346542 huge breasts37680 huge butt9664 large butt16281 lens flare1777 lesbian95751 looking at you165325 looking back56267 looking back at you14197 looking over shoulder3731 milf9411 nudity364937 peace sign2870 raridash1894 shipping197824 sling bikini1372 smiling243247 source filmmaker45201 sunset5293 swimming pool2635 swimsuit27776 wide hips16735


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Background Pony #D3C9
Mach auch bitte ein Einzelfoto davon bin nur an der Rainbow Stute interessiert 🥰😏