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Three of Swords
UPRIGHT: Heartbreak, emotional pain, sorrow, grief, hurt
REVERSED: Negative self-talk, releasing pain, optimism, forgiveness

This card represents the pain that grief inflicts on the mental and emotional self, reflected by the blades cutting through the Doctor's hearts and the rain falling in the background. Someday, however, the rain will stop. Remember that it will not be like this forever.
semi-grimdark29957 artist:sixes&sevens515 part of a set12133 doctor whooves10751 time turner10747 earth pony249726 blood24652 doctor who3551 heart48461 male373630 meme81983 minor arcana115 ponified meme946 rain6091 sad24552 solo1066020 storm798 sword11693 tarot card670 the doctor1359 three of swords5 weapon30546


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