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1st Picture: >>2169294  
2nd Picture: >>2169293
safe1879729 edit148241 editor:itsmgh120359 screencap244594 chestnut magnifico184 daring do6709 rainbow dash251254 zephyr breeze2676 dashing through the mall592 equestria girls224000 equestria girls series37461 holidays unwrapped2627 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15886 :i1729 clothes525642 cutie mark51694 cutie mark on clothes4568 da fuq13 faic13223 female1517400 geode of super speed2958 hand10015 hoodie16699 jewelry81701 magical geodes10810 male428158 meme86829 necklace23724 rainbow dash is best facemaker727 rainbow dash is not amused770 reaction image9821 shrunken pupils4333 special eyes530 thousand yard stare742 unamused18836 wide eyes18211


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Inconvenient Landmine
1st Photo: Mfw my friend tells me that they accidentally threw their phone into my flat screen  
2nd Photo: Mfw I remember that their phone was a Nokia 3310