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A light, yet colorful boy! I always struggle with yellow and blue clashing, but I think this guy pulls it off~
safe1750973 artist:seffiron111 oc712187 oc only465622 oc:rockabilly beatbox1 classical unicorn4226 pony1010972 unicorn342459 cloven hooves10611 colored pupils10137 ear fluff31206 eyebrows6468 eyebrows visible through hair3209 facial hair6210 goatee1609 gradient background13414 hoers3415 horn77694 leonine tail9201 magical lesbian spawn12666 male388166 offspring40887 parent:applejack4131 parent:vinyl scratch429 ponytail18852 raised hoof48451 smiling261108 solo1094637 stallion115784 unshorn fetlocks27195 watermark16942


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