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Name: Ace  
Gender: Male  
Species: Moonicorn  
Talent: Spying; Assassination
Occupation: Hitman
Likes: Silencers, headshots, babysitting, silence, cheesy romance movies, fancy meals, suits, old-timey music, brewing
Dislikes: being pampered by his mother’s, fast-dancing, being rushed, mornings
Family: Trixie Lunamoon (mother), Sunset Shimmer(mother), Pale Omen (half-sister), Astral Comet (half-brother)  
Love Interest: None
Nicknames: Card; One-Shot
Location: Ponyville
Ace was born to Sunset Shimmer and Trixie Lunamoon soon after they got wedded. As a colt, he would be fascinated by the various spy movies and shooting scenes he would see along with them(scenes he wasn’t allowed to watch but still did). He would run around the house setting little traps around the house for his moms or his half-siblings, some of them not so little. His creativity when it came to trap making did not go unnoticed by Sunset, however, and she enrolled him in an engineering summer course, which helped gain a lot more knowledge, but also bored him with the amount of instructions he had to follow. After dropping out of the course, he started focusing a lot more on the violent parts that came with the occupation he wanted to follow.
Being a sneak himself, Ace manages to find out about Bon-Bons secret at the age of 14. At first, Bon-Bon tries to take up the idea of erasing his memory, but swing the amount of potential he held showed as an interest to her. Thus, Bon-Bon takes it upon herself to personally train the little soldier until he was old enough to actually work for the association. Bon-Bon taught him almost everything she knew, including how to shoot a gun(which he had dreamed of). Of course he never told his family about it, they always thought he was out with friends for a few hours after school as he told them. However, after receiving his cutie mark, both Sunset and Trixie were confused. Ace managed to make them believe that it was a brewing cutie mark, which would explain why he got it so late.
After practically working Ace to the bone for the next 5 years, Bon-Bon thought he was ready to work with her. She got approval from her boss, asked Ace about the whole thing, and of course, he said yes. Trixie and Sunset still believe his cutie mark stands for brewing, and one day he k owes he’ll have to tell them, but for now, he’ll keep to himself.
-Ace never misses his target. Never
-Is actually very skilled in the brewing field.
-Adores his half-siblings
-Likes cats, specifically Sphynx
-Slow dances to old songs


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