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Name: Luster Dawn
Nickname/s: Luster (by parents, friends and her older brother), Lusty (by Princess Twilight Sparkle)
Parents: Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst
Sibling/s: Sunshine Glow (younger sister), Shining Sun (older brother)
Personality: Honest, kind, positive, caring, nice
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student of Princess Twilight Sparkle
Place Of Birth: Castle Of Friendship
Place Of Residence: Ponyville
Luster Dawn was born in The Castle Of Friendship. Her parents are Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst. She came to Ponyville to start her occupation there. Her little sister is Sunshine Glow and she also has an older brother, Shining Sun. She is the student of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Luster tries to help her sister, Sunshine Glow when Sunshine is stubborn and gets affected. At first, Luster didn't know the value of Friendship, but now she knows it very well and she also tries to teach her sister the value of Friendship. Luster and her older brother, Shining Sun sometimes get together to help their little sister. Aurora Shine Sentry has also taught her many things like new spells and Aurora has also taught her the value of Friendship. Luster likes to visit Aurora such as her sister, Sunshine Glow.

This next generation belongs to aurorashinesentryyt and amicasecret

Base by elementbases


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