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Originally posted on: September 30, 2014, 5:48 AM UTC
Happy (month early) Halloween~! ;v; ITS NEVER TOO EARLY FOR HALLOWEEN!
A big mish-mash of some of my spoooooky pooooniesss~! <3
This is my troupe of mysterious traveling ponies, who wander from town to town doing shows and magic tricks! But they only show up at night…
Here's some introductions, from left to right —

Stitches / F / Franken-Zombie / Pegasus
_designed by FavfiAdopts
Stitches can't remember anything from when she was a living pony, but maybe that's just as well. Her electric blue mane comes from the lightning used to zap her back to life! (pony logic.) She is very bright and energetic, so sometimes she ends up losing bits and pieces of herself and having to have Jak sew them back on. She's the playful one of the group.

Lamplight / M / Shaman / Chandelier pony
_designed by Calavera-Garbancera
Lamplight is a very calm, serious, collected sort who often acts as the group babysitter. He's a bit of a worrywart and can be sort of a stick in the mud. But he's very thoughtful, if a bit annoyingly mopey.

Korn / M / Trainee / Unicorn
_designed by Carnivvorous
Korn is the headstrong, eager trainee of the troupe. He is almost always munching on some kind of candy — no one can figure out where his stashes are. He's always chasing after one of the other members of the group, trying to learn as much as he can. Oftentimes he ends up being underfoot and messing things up just because he's excitable and sometimes gets out of hand. But he's quickly and easily disappointed and the slightest scorn or reprimand disheartens him. He's a fairly talented user of magic for his age, but he only uses it to conjure candy… He is the student of Jak, who teaches him magic, and whom he admires to no end.

Jak / M / King(ringleader) / Unicorn
_designed by SoloAzume
No one knows who Jak is or where he came from, but for some reason or another all of the other ponies in his troupe have gathered under his banner. Jak is charming, devious, outgoing, and a smooth-talker. He uses his wits to pull of all sorts of charms and tricks, with combinations of slight-of-hoof, actual magic, and simple diversions. He is the self-proclaimed 'king of the night' and regularly insists that ponies call him 'your majesty' or the like, aside from his crew. Jak is Korns magic instructor, and often has him running little errands or performing odd tasks that he insists are 'lessons.' Jak is the undisputed leader of the group, and decides when they move and where they go.

Hysteria / F / Nutcase / Earth Pony
_designed by BlueEyedRed
Hysteria is a little off. Sometimes she makes sense, and sometimes she doesn't. While terribly off-putting, Hysteria is largely harmless. She has a habit of inexplicably turning up in the oddest of places at the oddest of times. Sometimes, it almost seems like the laws of the natural world simply don't apply to her. But she's very friendly, even if she has no respect for personal space.

Macey / F / Axe Muderer / Pegasus
_designed by SoloAzume
Unlike her friend Hysteria, Macey is EXTREMELY HARMFUL. She has violent tendencies and will attack anyone who says a cross word that she doesn't approve of. For the most part, she's somewhat reasonable, but every now and then she gets that look in her eye and before you know it, whack chop chop! Fortunately for us, Jak replaced her axe with a rubber machete so usually she just smacks ponies for a while before getting tired, instead of chopping them up. The only problem is that, sometimes, Hysteria inexplicably finds an axe to give her…
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