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safe1766931 artist:rileyav671 adagio dazzle13392 sunset shimmer65383 equestria girls209438 adoragio478 adorasexy10215 belly button82294 blushing206927 booty shorts322 clothes481549 colored pupils10268 crossed arms5469 cute207629 daisy dukes1447 delicious flat chest5260 eyelashes13051 flatdagio dazzle244 frown23852 hairband1321 hand on hip7742 large voluminous hair113 midriff19974 off shoulder1333 pants15538 pouting2035 sexy31081 shimmerbetes4515 shirt26567 short shirt1624 shorts14727 smiling265831 smug6364


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Background Pony #6FF7
Adagio is so cuuuuuute. But is she technically even in school anymore? The Dazzlings just kind of left and became musicians.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Adagio was definitely better at being bad imho. At least until the amulets got smashed, now she’s just (presumably) a fairly typical high school alpha bitch.
Sorry Shim-shim, you’re too cute to be the worst. :3