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What's this? Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Sunset Shimmer performing as mimes? Say it isn't so! Oh wait, they're mimes, they can't XD

This wonderful piece here was done by Thank you so much! ^^

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safe1728483 artist:riouku384 applejack171600 rainbow dash236318 sunset shimmer63901 equestria girls203340 :o3824 anime5597 belly button79587 beret1987 clothes467711 commission70768 face paint840 female1382659 gloves20513 gradient background12991 gray background7439 hat88455 midriff19584 mime187 monochrome151024 open mouth150117 pants14961 shhh218 shirt25577 shorts14235 simple background401713 smiling254620 striped shirt100 suspenders583 t-shirt4560 trio9454 trio female1907 vest3959


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Background Pony #B5F7
I find it interesting that AJ is the only one whose shirt is low-cut. Think that was by choice?