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What's this? Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Sunset Shimmer performing as mimes? Say it isn't so! Oh wait, they're mimes, they can't XD

This wonderful piece here was done by Thank you so much! ^^

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safe1749440 artist:riouku388 applejack173201 rainbow dash238462 sunset shimmer64751 equestria girls206828 :o3888 anime5675 belly button81175 beret2008 clothes475570 commission72942 face paint853 female1400962 gloves20931 gradient background13379 gray background7663 hat90244 midriff19832 mime190 monochrome152283 open mouth154062 pants15297 shhh219 shirt26138 shorts14527 simple background408775 smiling260568 striped shirt109 suspenders596 t-shirt4657 trio9731 trio female1998 vest4002


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Background Pony #B5F7
I find it interesting that AJ is the only one whose shirt is low-cut. Think that was by choice?