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What's this? Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Sunset Shimmer performing as mimes? Say it isn't so! Oh wait, they're mimes, they can't XD

This wonderful piece here was done by Thank you so much! ^^

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safe1691865 artist:riouku367 applejack168697 rainbow dash232378 sunset shimmer62383 equestria girls198367 :o3688 anime5319 belly button76737 beret1939 clothes454292 commission66967 face paint790 female1349746 finger on mouth10 gloves19709 gradient background12420 gray background7037 hat85651 midriff19199 mime182 monochrome148777 open mouth142867 pants14277 shirt24479 shorts13779 simple background388548 smiling244121 striped shirt92 suspenders561 t-shirt4352 trio8946 trio female1686 vest3843


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Background Pony #B5F7
I find it interesting that AJ is the only one whose shirt is low-cut. Think that was by choice?