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The Needle - A horror-mystery adventure Audiobook

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Your waifus are in 3D now, choose one.
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Making features huggable
Not enough character known to really choose a long time bonding.
From first look, I would give the first date to Izzy.

@Background Pony #0627
This makes me wonder: if she really is royalty, why isn't she an Alicorn? In FiM all royal ponies were Alicorns, including baby Flurry Heart.

Prince Blue Blood wasn‘t an alicorn.
Also the tribe leaders (Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane and Chancellor Puddinghead) weren’t alicorns.

Maybe there are only alicorns when the three tribes work together?
Background Pony #CAA0
Not a fan of any of their designs to be honest. But if I've gotta choose one, I guess Pipp looks the most aesthetically tolerable.
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Background Pony #0627
Izzy. Pipp is sooo cute too, but she's part of royalty. I'd have no chances with her.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Wow, that is such a beautiful picture. So strange to see it linked in a comment rather than featured in a Derpibooru post. It definitely looks like something that should be featured on this site (or if it is, you probably should have used the original Derpibooru post link for your image).

As for this post, I will say this: I don't have 'waifus' of fictional characters. Instead, I have favourite characters instead. And as to my favourite character from the new show so far, well, my username description says it all. Though my opinion may change when the first trailer gets released and I can actually hear what each character sounds like and behaves like (as of the writing of this comment, the trailer has not been released).
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