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Today on My Little Brony: Hypocrisy is Magic
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To play devils advocate all those things existed way before something like an iPhone was created in this world
Background Pony #C69A
We also put them through all kinds of things I dont think im allowed to mention under a picture labeled "safe". Doesnt mean I want to see that in the actuall show.
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Isn't it ironic that we give the ponies smartphone levels of technology in our fan comics? You'd think we would be accustomed to this for G5.
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Here folks, this wojak guy is a bad example of a fan here, don't be like him.

Look comments below you

Care to quote? Because what I'm seeing is discussions of logistics of hooves and relative levels of technolog vs. the time difference between the two series. Not seeing much that I'd call "hating" on it. At the end of the day, there are litterally more "shut up hater" kinda posts than the actual haters, who are probably trolling anyway.

Good points, related to the relative "look and feel" that the creators are probably going for. You've probably nailed it. I suspect the creators will continue to throw old and new tech as it is convenient to the plot,

At the end of the day, what's the point of being in a fandom if you can't over-analyze things. :)
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"You mean a later generation is going to have more technology?! No way!!"
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@Background Pony #905B
This, and 3rd point, not all tech is the same? Durrr? Trains existed from early 19th century, helicopters early 20th century. Even arcade games have a "retro" feel having existed since the 70es and predominant late 20th century before the advent of cheap personal computers. Smartphones however exclusively modern and "contemporary" suggesting the show may be trying for a very "contemporary" instead of a more retro feel.

4th point I hate it when people look at discussion and label it as "whining". You don't like people discussing show news and reveals? GET THE HECK OUT, you obviously hate fandoms, if you prefer the chirping of crickets in an empty void over excitement and a multitude of reactions. Nothing I've seen has actually been a "complaint" or felt very strongly even, more like ideas, smartass people are literally pretend drama llamas over nothing lol.
Background Pony #E4CF
Theres a difference between one off tech stuff and a smartphone. Why do people not realize this. A smartphone is much more powerful than random basses. The only technology the mane 6 used was Twilight's weird contraption and pinkie with helicopters.

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I've seen plenty of people complaining about the arcade machine.

I get more vexed by the logistics of operating a smartphone with hooves. But I think G4 has had similar problems since forever.

Can someone please point me to a post that the top one represents. I've seen dozens (hundreds?) of posts making fun of "those people" and yet to find a single one. The closest I can find is basically "Meh, not my thing."

I think this is an invented controversy. I'm not saying such posts don't exist, but they're so rare that the should be ignored and/or assumed to be trolling. We need a new law of the internet: People are a 10000 times more likely to post if they hate something, so if 1/1000 people hate something, it looks like it's a majority.
Background Pony #517A
Sucked so much it's unbearable, a one scene joke during a song that was never brought up again, again a one scene joke that was never brough up again and tbh low-key sucked too since it kinda ruins the pony air travel tech consistency (Pinkie Pie flying contraption worked because how ridicolous it was and it fit with Pinkie being le wacky random one who can bring most sikky thing sout of thin air in the context of first season).
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