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Part 2 to this piece I commissioned a while ago:

Trixie has tied her lover to the chair and is having her wicked way with Starlight; I wonder what will happen next….

Art by Carnifex

Commissioned by CitizenWolf

Check out Carnifex's art:
explicit346520 artist:carnifex2315 starlight glimmer48204 trixie66940 unicorn316792 anthro256863 unguligrade anthro47713 ballgag7023 bdsm6649 blazer202 blushing195003 bondage33245 bowtie9984 box4577 breasts274019 butt56270 chair6708 clothes453955 collar32622 commission66879 commissioner:citizenwolf100 crate508 cufflinks271 dominatrix2314 dominatrixie157 dress43990 drool24497 female1348997 femdom8017 femsub10649 gag14311 glimmer glutes1201 gloves19694 hitachi wand541 horn64395 horn ring5500 leggings2027 lesbian95921 magic suppression3847 night25968 nipple clamps294 nipple weights68 nipples164894 nudity365784 panties49724 ring3147 rope11336 rope bondage3922 sex toy25150 shadow4056 shipping198199 shirt24448 startrix2895 sublight glimmer90 submissive16464 sweat25941 the great and powerful ass1055 tied to chair320 trixie's wagon1094 underwear60182 vibrator4538 wagon907 wet panties499


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