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Wintertide’s head shot up from her pillow with a start at the clash of thunder outside. Her ears flicked as her eyes darted about the dark room. The space around her was softly illuminated by the gentle blue glow of her new flowing mane, the resonating light allowing her to make out the rest of the room despite the darkness. While it was something she still had to get used to, she found some comfort in it right now as her heart continued to pound in her chest and ears. Lightning flashed outside followed by another clap of thunder which made the kirin tense.

She didn’t like this kind of weather. Storms of any kind made her uneasy, but it was the ones that were especially vicious that had the worst effect. Her thin tail whipped anxiously beneath the covers as the harsh winds howled outside the castle walls. She took a deep breath in an attempt to calm her nerves, eyes flicking down to Grogar who was sleeping soundly beside her. Her ears fell back against her head as she watched him quietly.

It was only a few months ago that they were married and Grogar shared his magic with her. He was still recovering from the heavy toll the act took on his body which left him very weak. Wintertide’s eyes softened as he slept beside her until another loud thunderclap sounded and made her head turn its attention towards the window. Anxiety rippled through her. A small part of her mind wanted to wake Grogar for comfort, but she much preferred to let him rest. She felt foolish for needing comfort over something as simple as a thunderstorm.

She settled herself back down in bed, but carefully snuggled closer to her husband for silent relief. Her head mildly brushed against his in a slow nuzzle, a deep exhale leaving her nose as her eyes fell closed, body easing itself of tension…

“My dear…”

Wintertide halted in the tender act as Grogar’s gravelly voice hit her ears, eyes opening again though his were still closed. She had to resist the frown that tugged at her lips and made her brows want to furrow. “… Did I wake you?”

“I’ve been awake.” He murmured back.

While she was relieved to not be the reason fo her love being disturbed from his slumber, she still worried over the prospect of him catching on to her discomfort. She kissed him between his eyes. “You should try to get some more rest, my love…”

“Something is troubling you.” He replied, eyes finally opening halfway to look at her. “This weather bothers you, doesn’t it?”

Wintertide said nothing for a few long moments. Shame welled up inside of her. She couldn’t look at him directly. Another rumble of thunder outside, though not as loud as the others, and Wintertide returned to nuzzling against him. “… It’s nothing to worry about.”

“You know better than to try and hide things from me, Wintertide.”

Now she did frown, sighing in defeat. “Storms like this… They bring up unwanted thoughts. Memories I wish to forget.”

“You think of him.”

She nodded.

Grogar suspected as much. One of his forelegs tiredly moved to pull her against his larger frame. Wintertide was more than happy to accept that, pressing her ivory and black form against him and burying her face against his broad neck. No further words were spoken between them as he held her. As the storm continued outside Grogar offered small nuzzles and kisses to his wife’s head and face. It was more than enough for her.

Despite her own pride considering her weak for feeling the way she did, she knew Grogar would never judge her for it. The more she reflected on her life during that war, thought of the satyr king she once served under, the more it dawned on her just how terrified she had become of him. He was dead and gone now, had been for some time, but the memories haunted her, only accentuated from the conditions outside and caused that fear to grow. It made her feel like a cowardly little filly and she hated it. But having Grogar there with her holding her close like this served as the shield she needed from her fears. Her heartrate had calmed itself, the feelings of anxiety leaving her and soon sleep was calling to her again. Outside the storm was subsiding, letting Wintertide relax fully as she and Grogar drifted off together.

* * *

Lightning cracked across the sky above, the winds whipping and screaming with an intensity Wintertide had never seen before. The waves of the ocean surrounding their home crashed against the shore violently. Grogar and Wintertide stood inside the castle entrance watching the storm from a point of safety. Grogar suspected it was part of a hurricane that could be close by. The rain made visibility difficult, but what was concerning the pair was how their home would hold up. When they had arrived there several months ago, the castle had been a victim of weathering after its abandonment. While the damages had been tended to with the help of their magic and the flash stone, they didn’t want more destruction to befall their sanctuary.

Grogar’s crimson eyes stared up at the dark sky, narrowed in their gaze as he watched the storm wreak havoc. The pair stepped back as a large piece of stone suddenly fell from above. They both looked to each other. They had to do something before any serious damage could be done. Without saying another word, Grogar stepped out into the storm.

“Grogar!” Wintertide called out but the ram paid her no mind, fighting against the wind with each step. While he wasn’t at his full strength yet, he was more powerful than he was before when the last storm hit that made Wintertide feel uneasy. He was sure he had enough magic to handle this. The rain pelted him as he stood firm against the strong gusts trying to push him over. His hooves dug into the mud below, horns glowing in their gold and black magic before he released a large ray of it into the air. A shield was formed around the castle, black wisps running on its surface. Grogar did not move from his spot, keeping his focus on the shield in order to keep it in place with gritted teeth. The memory of Wintertide’s discomfort from that night urged him forward and put all his energy into this.

Wintertide watched him from her spot at the entrance. She hadn’t realized how much of Grogar’s magic had returned to him so soon, but she feared it might not be enough. Her eyes lifted up toward the sky above, watching as the rain hit the shield. Soon she caught it beginning to flicker and immediately her attention went back to the ram. She couldn’t see his face, but with the protection he put around them beginning to falter just a little more, she knew he was struggling. She had to help him.

She took one last look to the storm around them before she ran out to stand by Grogar’s side. His crimson gaze fell on her with surprise.

“Get back inside!” He ordered, but she did not listen.

“You’re not doing this alone.” She didn’t look at him as she spoke, focusing on summoning her own magic. Her entire horn lit up in blue and she shot a blast of her own up into the shield, causing it to turn green in color.

“I can handle this, Wintertide.” Grogar growled from his own efforts to keep the shield up. A bead of sweat fell from his brow. “Go inside where it’s safe.”

“Your magic runs through my veins as well, Grogar. The two of us combined will have a much stronger effect!”

Grogar couldn’t argue with that. He knew she had a point, and in truth he wasn’t sure if he would be able to manage this on his own in his current state. So he allowed her to stay by his side and assist him. Around them the hurricane raged on, buffeting their shield and proving to be a struggle for them to maintain for an extended period of time. Grogar felt Wintertide press against his side, only making him more determined to keep them both safe.

Soon the raging tempest began to calm. When they felt it was safe enough Grogar and Wintertide let down the shield. They were both panting from their efforts and leaning against each other for support in the rain.

“Come. There’s no point in continuing to stand here.” Grogar said. Wintertide kept close to him while they went back inside, a habit she took up in order to offer him support should he need it while he recovered. Once back inside they shook the cold and wet from their bodies. Grogar pressed his head against Wintertide’s. “Thank you, my dear…”

“I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.” She murmured back. “You know me better than that.”

He hummed, giving her a small kiss above her brow. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” She kissed the corner of his mouth. “Let’s clean up so we can rest.”

“That sounds wonderful.” He smiled as she led the way for them. Even if this road to recovery had been a difficult one for him, he was thankful to have her there to help him. She made it so much more bearable, and he hoped he could repay her one day for everything she did for him, much like he knew she was doing for him.


Some writing I did months ago. I wanted to explore Wintertide post the war, specifically the impression the Storm King had left on her. I've written a lot of things for my AU, but this was something I always went back to so I finally drew a scene from it.

Sorry for going quiet with posting! I'll try to add more content soon, because I still have a LOT I need to go into for my story.


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