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Ahead of National Siblings Day tomorrow, say hello to our royal Pegasi sisters, Pipp Petals & Zipp Storm!
See them and their pony co-stars in the new My Little Pony movie coming to Netflix this Fall!
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Background Pony #6092
@Background Pony #6590  
Ok but like since this is in the future and while the world was “tech free” it was obviously developing and stuff so its not that big of a stretch that this could happen.
Background Pony #48E7
@Background Pony #6590  
Better argument would be: the use of smartphones and social media is inimical to children and CPS are obligated to remove smartphones and social media from minors. Whether they actually do their job nonwithstanding, these things are the opposite of appropriate for PG-13 and below.  
tl;dr - it’s bad for children
Background Pony #6590
@Background Pony #6092  
The point is that we’re APPREHENSIVE. it’s not a good start. it strays from the (MAJORITARILY) tech free world of G4 which we enjoyed.
Please stop bringing up the boombox or whatnot, we know they have tech, but it wasn’t overly prevalent to the stories. Again, Pony life has an entire episode about Dash wondering what app to uninstall on her phone. It’s such a striking difference. Hopefully the new show won’t have stuff like that that any teenage collage show could have.

@Background Pony #6590  
With only one character actually having a phone, it’s unlikely that will be the case. On the other hand, they could also possibly make that phone the only thing this Pipp character cares about which will obviously damage her character in the process, but the fact that she has a sibling who has a very opposite personality as her also suggests otherwise. It only remains to be seen.
Background Pony #6092
@Background Pony #6590  
how is it bad? She looks like she is just checking out something she enjoys? Its hard to tell if its bad usage from this short clip. It could be anything from mindlessly scrolling and finding something funny to finding a good source for a topic you wanted to learn about. That clip tells u nothing if its good or bad
Background Pony #6590
@Johnny B. Mediocre  
Exactly, and it shows some BAD example of phone usage (or rather, overusage) which is why people are apprehensive.  
As said, the problem is not their presence, its what they can do. Ignoring the whole possible “make entire episodes problems about what app to get on their phones”, this is applying a certain power level to the setting we could rather see without. This was pretty much the issue with unicorn magic in G4, something that, apparently, they are trying to nerf in G5. If its to be replaced with smartphones, its sad. If its JUST to communicate maybe it’d be more tolerable from a writing standpoint.

I feel like people are being overly harsh on phones. At the end of the day phones are just a natural technology progression like TVs, computers, and laptops. Everyone treats them like they are the demons themselves when they’re all just everyday objects we are so used to using. It’s so weird that we usually hate it when older people criticize our use of phones when we’re also so critical toward fictional characters using phones. As long as this new generation doesn’t make the appearance of phones the only focus of the plot it honestly shouldn’t be a huge deal.
Background Pony #6590
@Background Pony #C04F  
Again, look at pony life.  
As much as a bastardization of MLP as it is, it shows some bad trends. I don’t mind phones showing up as a gag, but I don’t want an entire episode os Pipp freaking out about a bad photo of her on the internet.
I’m still looking forwward for this, but I AM apprehensive, and it’s easy to see why.
Background Pony #C04F
Are they going to have “I don’t have any reception here” every time she’s lost?
Ah,the horror movie conundrum.Sometimes i think you make moutain out of molehill.With luck,the life of those characters doesnt end and begin with a phone
Background Pony #6590
@Background Pony #CC72  
The ONE difference is that smart phones brings leap and bound of tech into the thing.  
FiM had phones in some scene in the big city, but all communication was done by parchment, this had some sense of deniability.  
But does that means this world has the internet? Does it has youtube? Is pipp a princess, can she contact her guards to her aid? Are they going to have “I don’t have any reception here” every time she’s lost?
Remember all the time we wonder why twilight can’t just teleport? We’re going to have just the same with the smartphone.
Background Pony #4F52
@Background Pony #CC72  
Not really, thinking about it now I can’t think of any piece of digital technology that made FiM better, it could all be erased and my judgment about the series could only go in a more positive direction.
Background Human
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@Background Pony #D03C  
Modern telecommunications create a problem for fantasy settings. You can’t be like, “ooh, mysterious land of the dragons,” when everypony’s three clicks away from “YO, IT’S YA BOI IGNIS HERE WITH ANOTHER ROUND OF FLANKNITE”.
Depending on the stories they want to tell, this may or may not be a big deal. It sounds like they’re going for a more grounded approach this time, with the protagonists being ordinary ponies solving ordinary problems instead of legendary heroes canceling the apocalypse, so it shouldn’t come up.