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suggestive143151 artist:uzzi-ponydubberx90 principal abacus cinch967 sci-twi24299 twilight sparkle300458 human154737 equestria girls200598 abuse7739 animated98682 ass49172 bikini18150 bikini top1752 blinking3719 breasts277920 butt59007 clothes460005 crying43604 discipline129 duo61426 duo female10917 eyes closed93652 female1364080 gif31066 humiliation2144 principal and student158 public humiliation505 punishment879 red butt121 sci-twibutt307 scitwibuse9 spanking2725 squirming191 swimsuit28303 tears of pain1101 twibutt5522 twilybuse580


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Background Pony #FC63
@Background Pony #FF1C
As they told you before, it is a common practice in DA, I doubt they will listen to you, but anyway, it is not the only network they have, even if you remove that they have more. You just do guts to no avail, Hasbro doesn't give a damn, they won't do anything just to take $ 100 from you, that sounds stupid for any big company, you're the only one who has been complaining, curiously, in each content there is only one type equal these comments, it's you. I tell you easy to criticize from anonymity
Background Pony #FF1C
@Background Pony #FC63 excuse me sir, the hell are saying? I just came across it yesterday, if the artist's got hater don't drag me into it. And how does my comment be considered as abusive @Background Pony #9D8F ? and does all of my comments say the same thing? and what the fudge are you saying, 'I reported him cause it was commissioned', I specifically said I will reported him because he's selling fanart. just because no one will ever read it again doesn't you can put words in my mouth that's abusive.

anyway I'm not gonna indulge you anymore since I already reported him it's up to DA whether they take action or not, you people doesn't seem to respect the creators, you just like watching the show and besmirching it's reputation.
Background Pony #FC63
@Background Pony #FF1C
You must be the only hatred that the artist has, since in most only one has complained about the same thing, it must be you on multiple accounts, it is very easy to criticize anonymously. If you don't like it, don't follow it, so simple
Background Pony #FF1C
yes delete ALL my comments because ALL of them are spam, off topic or abusive. Ever heard of constructive criticism.
Background Pony #8268
I agree with my colleagues, it is really something common, the artist has little material, it is logical, he has been starting, as if to start releasing content, I just think he has 5 videos and 70 illustrations, 40 patterns, very little earns, the artist has stated that As soon as his number of followers and donors increase, he will gladly release content, while we have to wait, I repeat, he has started, let's not be hard on new talent. That's why they say the Brony fandom is one of the most toxic
Background Pony #5466
It's not like Hasbro will recognize your service and invite you to HQ. They have more money than you ever will and don't care what you think. Reporting just helps corporations and hurts small artists.
Background Pony #9D8F
@Background Pony #FF1C
And if thats the case then you can report 95% of everything here and on DA, and on Furaffinty and any other sites cause commissions of characters such as the MLP characters are relatively common