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safe1691996 edit130926 edited screencap64306 editor:quoterific1520 screencap220520 blues1010 cranky doodle donkey994 gallus6653 lily1954 lily valley1954 lucky clover615 matilda508 noteworthy1009 pokey pierce1358 roseluck5047 royal riff388 sea swirl1601 seafoam1601 spike78299 sunburst6642 twilight sparkle298391 alicorn221541 bird8111 donkey1841 dragon55408 skunk570 unicorn317255 28 pranks later951 a friend in deed780 a hearth's warming tail1503 a matter of principals1082 a rockhoof and a hard place805 a trivial pursuit1137 dragon quest922 no second prances1846 slice of life (episode)1725 the break up breakdown675 alternate hairstyle27792 blushing195225 eye contact6469 eyes closed91901 female1349923 food69205 juice1300 kissing24428 looking at each other19815 male367982 mare473872 newspaper1658 orange juice143 pasta408 spaghetti763 spaghetti scene91 stallion106936 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122814 wagon905


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