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Way-too-late upload for the preening badge that ends today (4/7/2021). Hopefully I'm not too late. :)

First upload for April/after Easter :D

Fluttershy image 209,300. :D

Update, Thursday, April 8, 2021: She earned those badges after all. 🥳
safe1677040 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan219 derpibooru exclusive27686 fluttershy209620 pegasus280590 pony939764 .svg available8186 april fools 202167 curled up292 cute195440 cute face139 cute smile43 female1336911 fluttershy's cutie mark59 grooming737 inkscape1745 lincolnbrewsterfan is trying to murder us12 looking at you163278 looking up15986 mare466787 no base20 preening1015 shyabetes13344 simple background383800 smiling240525 smiling at you2839 svg3551 transparent background198195 vector75748 weapons-grade cute3615 wings101155


not provided yet


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