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An idea I've been wanting to draw for over a year (totally not to murder anyone with cutebetes), but just never got around to it. The Derpibooru "PreenHub" badge for art prompted me to get it going.

From left-to-right: Fond Feather (one of the mares from "Hard To Say Anything), Peppermint Goldylinks (School of Friendship background student), Bay Breeze (EmbersLament OC), Flitter, Angel Wings (OC from "Top Bolt"), Cozy Glow.

Flitter: Look at my fluff, my fluff is amazing!
Bay Breeze: Oooooo, must bat.
Cozy Glow: I'll just invite myself in.
Angel Wings: nomnom
safe1680367 artist:chopsticks574 angel wings245 cozy glow7245 flitter2976 fond feather190 peppermint goldylinks465 oc668200 oc:bay breeze653 pegasus281896 pony942572 :34413 background pony10163 banner1960 behaving like a cat2132 blushing193163 bow27834 cheek fluff5271 chest fluff37699 clothes450176 cloud29986 cozybetes1195 cute195887 diawinges16 eyebrows visible through hair1656 eyes closed90465 female1339617 filly65002 flitterbetes146 floppy ears50875 friendship student1649 grooming743 hair bow15101 lying down15620 mane bow185 mare468174 nom3031 ocbetes4975 open mouth140683 peppermint adoralinks43 ponyloaf404 preening1020 sitting61661 socks64892 striped socks21073 text58297 unshorn fetlocks24630


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