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A pony image site isn’t a pony image site without a gif of Twilight’s horrible dancing, and I didn’t find any already on here.

safe2197800 screencap297739 bon bon18970 carrot top6153 eclair créme292 golden harvest6153 perfect pace378 royal ribbon342 sweetie drops18970 twilight sparkle361125 earth pony514832 pony1628250 unicorn549711 g42053700 sweet and elite1079 :p14614 adorkable4380 animated127560 bipedal50328 birthday dress173 clothes644794 cute269165 dancing11351 do the sparkle250 dork4727 dress63068 eyes closed141158 female1829230 floppy ears74121 gif49492 gramophone243 hat126452 male559512 mare758183 open mouth242700 record player235 ribbon bow tie80 scrunchy face8295 smiling405917 stallion199674 the club can't even handle me right now120 the master199 tongue out149729 top hat5669 twiabetes15516 unicorn twilight34567


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Background Pony #0D18
It rock if Jane Porter dance similar to this. And also some waltzing with Tarzan, and also mixing martial arts moves and chest-beating. She’s sassy; zeor letting elegance stop fun. If the ponies were invovle, I see them approve; espeically Rianbow and FLurtershy as wella s the CMC who cheer on her
some pony

You can dance  
You can jive  
Having the time of your life  
See that girl  
Watch that scene  
Dig in the dancing queen
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Rainbow Dash: Well, you missed one nugget of entertainment. Have you seen Twilight dance?
Spike: (face slowly turns into that of fear as he turned around) Twilight danced?
Rainbow Dash: More like a full-body dry heave set to music.
Background Pony #2E54
song plays” 🎵||You used to call me on my cell phone. Late night when you need my love. And I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.||🎵
Background Pony #99B5
Well, now, if you take your leg…  
And you stick it in the air…  
And-a then you take the other one…  
And you jam it right up there…  
You twist yourself around…  
And you do a great big lunge  
Now you’re doing…  
Yeah, now you’re doing…  
the Sparkle