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Sci-Twi suggests to her old acquaintances to hang out together but they are a little bit busy and can't tell why exactly because it's embarrassing for them so they had to lie
suggestive139971 artist:lightning_musicwave46 fleur-de-lis3562 indigo zap2433 sci-twi23820 sugarcoat3280 twilight sparkle297381 equestria girls196953 but why562 clothes450605 emoji869 glasses60483 goggles13872 lying3615 panties49428 panties pulled down3890 phone5994 purple underwear2129 toilet1650 underwear59776 white underwear3480


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Background Pony #9A9D
Apparently Indigo's "work-out" is pushing that hard turd out of her ass XD
Background Pony #6430
Wow! Lies! Those Crystal Prep girls are still mean. They never change. So sad. 😞