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suggestive140768 artist:shadowboltsfm607 twilight sparkle298226 anthro256220 plantigrade anthro31857 3d74188 4k1737 barefoot27126 blender6332 breasts273139 clothes453018 couch8052 crossed legs3138 dialogue64454 feet39142 fetish39185 foot fetish7617 foot focus2609 looking at you165344 nail polish7606 not sfm1146 notebook564 sitting62221 soles4187 toenail polish696 toes6192 wiggling toes352


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Background Pony #A639
I don't just like any plain jane feet. Feels like I can't really be satisfied in that sense, but I at least know what I enjoy.
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Well I notice the feet of almost every character in a game or tv show. When a game even MENTIONS feet it gets me interested… It's both a blessing and a curse.
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Neko Majin C
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Twilight's Westley
What are you on about? This is your house. By the way, why do you have a picture of your own feet on your wall? That is the height of vanity.
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Background Pony #A463
Well, it feels amazing! I mean, some people could find strange getting excited by the feet, when it's a part of the body which usually don't appear in the mind of common people to define the sexual appeal. And, for example, I find your feet pretty beautiful; The nail polish fits great with your purple fur. Not to mention how soft they look. Do you indulge your feet too much, right? They look like you made a pedicure for them before this… I could melt if I'm still here.
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Have I The Right
Most of the time, I like it. Now would it be okay if I paid you extra to worship your beautiful feet and another extra to have that portrait behind you? :3
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