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Meet Solar Halo :3

A blind and mysterious nonbinary (He/She/They) guardian pony, they posses great magical power, related to light and sun magic. Although they give of a mysterious and spooky vibe, they are not actual bad. They are kind, caring and gentle, being able to enjoy a good laugh and help out when they can.

Solar was scarred at a young age, attacked by evil ponies that resulted in her eyes and face being burnt, rendering her becoming blinded. She was saved from death by local healers, with their magic having the side-effect f causing her other senses to become increasingly more powerful, along with her magic. Aided by her pet phoenix, she is now seeking out to help defend others from evil whenever they can.
semi-grimdark29938 artist:doggis_uwu1 oc685135 oc only449050 oc:solar halo1 phoenix1774 pony968431 unicorn323766 armor23782 bipedal34593 blackletter371 blind945 blindfold4398 burn263 burn marks39 chest fluff39166 eye scar5068 fangs25379 glowing horn19673 horn67389 leonine tail8612 magic73305 markings1619 nonbinary359 open mouth145990 raised hoof45691 rearing5685 reference sheet12569 scar12001 solo1064806 stick688


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