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Sh*tposter vs. Moderator
safe1687725 edit130325 screencap219867 fluttershy210708 twilight sparkle298117 alicorn220877 pegasus284624 pony949435 my little pony: pony life5277 pony life5744 the comet section24 the crystal capturing contraption54 spoiler:pony life s02e0254 spoiler:pony life s02e0324 animated97655 clenched teeth403 computer6069 cropped48737 female1345841 gif30455 laptop computer2260 levitation11907 magic72290 magic glow198 mare471752 narrowed eyes839 sitting62148 split screen346 sweat25834 telekinesis27249 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122815 typing138 wings103500


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