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semi-grimdark29839 artist:90sigma838 artist:pony-berserker840 artist:somepony191 apple bloom49101 berry punch6536 berryshine6536 derpy hooves49915 fluttershy211134 nightmare moon16790 philomena1067 pinkie pie214814 princess luna98541 scootaloo51023 sweetie belle48741 twilight sparkle298307 alicorn221405 bird8105 cockatrice525 earth pony243142 human153206 parasprite2034 pegasus285965 phoenix1762 pony953019 comic:my little kenny: dying is magic3 applebuck season858 dragonshy908 feeling pinkie keen800 friendship is magic2818 over a barrel761 season 1693 stare master624 swarm of the century709 the show stoppers563 winter wrap up1079 2013739 aaaaaaaaaa285 accident1243 alternate hairstyle27781 ambiguous gender2048 aneurysm5 angry26841 anvil198 ash152 atomised2 atomized2 bed40442 bed sheet4 bird in the hoof2 bone2968 breaking27 bucket2308 burning606 catching84 clothes454123 comic108194 costume27196 couch8109 cracking34 crossover61695 crushed131 cutie mark crusaders18920 dark4495 dark comedy642 day1252 death5307 dialogue64595 diving301 dropping69 dropping dead2 dying272 eaten19 eating9499 eek20 everfree forest1964 faceplant661 female1349235 filly65617 flapping717 flying37686 food poisoning12 forest10065 fountain595 frown22597 fumes13 galloping360 gimp360 glow4309 glowing horn19310 green head1 gritted teeth11996 hall60 happy30831 holding3100 hospital1486 house2234 humor973 icicle98 implied death2573 incineration35 indoors2992 inkscape1761 joke1172 kenny dies again14 kenny mccormick95 kyle broflovski74 laughing7890 lidded eyes30171 lying3642 magic72488 magic glow198 male367758 mare473510 murder1425 nauseous108 night25980 oh my god they killed kenny15 on back24164 onomatopoeia4113 oops490 open mouth142758 outdoors10365 parody15578 pet1891 petrification942 playing1473 poisened2 ponyville5758 poster5229 prone25239 raised arm299 raised fist26 raised hand63 red eyes6039 roadkill23 room1141 sad24342 scared10349 screaming3357 shaking fist4 shocked6852 sick1723 sitting62397 skeleton1856 slapstick121 smiling243992 smoke2540 smoke poisoning2 snow13715 sorry166 south park651 spanish4305 speech bubble22910 spread wings53876 stan marsh70 standing12010 stanley marsh4 statue2304 surprised9142 swarm132 television2443 terrified399 tongue out102413 tracks46 train2483 train tracks141 tree31815 tv show71 vector76289 vomit607 vomiting338 walking4699 wall of tags2971 watching1194 watching television2 watching tv122 water12940 water fountain45 wide eyes16919 wings104310 worried3878 yelling3056 yo-yo74


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The Anti-Normies
culpo al que olvido poner "translation", de otra forma no habria visto esto y por que rayos esto tenia "sparity"? ESOS DOS NO ESTAN AQUI!