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Finally got the prize art done for Crow’s Nest over at EA💕
Mayor Mare being a fan of “My chemical Romance”, unusual but fascinating at the same time and i did certainly have a swell time working on this piece!😎
safe1949186 artist:drdepper34 mayor mare3613 earth pony352147 pony1299398 book38854 bow36869 clothes551016 dancing9740 emo1110 eyeshadow21975 female1582313 glasses76184 gramophone213 hair bow20822 happy37753 makeup30121 mare605771 open mouth193753 shirt31813 smiling324439 solo1248554


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’‘Take me down to the paradise city,’’  
’‘Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty’’
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“Soooome… ponies say a mare is made outta mud,”  
“A poor mare’s made outta muscle & blood,”  
“Muscle & blood, & skin & bones,”  
“A mind that’s weak & a back that’s strong”